1930~36 BSA Motorcycle Instruction Book.

If you own an early 1930s BSA then this excellent little handbook is for you as it covers basic maintenance on all the BSA models inclusive from 1930 to 1936. There were 15-17 different models (depending on the year) from the lightweight 174cc Model A30 2 stroke through to the bigger G30-15 and G30-16 9.86hp (986cc) V twin models. A very helpful section is the various oiling systems on different models, the older gravity feed (or total loss oiling system to others) and the later dry sump lubrication (the oil is returned to the main oil tank), included also are some excellent diagrams on oil line layouts and connections.
Clutches, gearbox, wheel bearings and hub adjustments, probably the most ignored of maintenance issues are covered quite extensively.
The last few pages have the all important tuning information for that Saturday morning tune up. Correct Ignition timing, tappet clearances, standard carburettor jet sizes and throttle slide needle position will have the motorcycle running like a well engineered swiss watch.

Click on the cover below to see everything you need to know about early 1930s BSAs.
It is a 8.5M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

A show report from November 31st 1933 The MotorCycle on the Olympia Show highlighting of some of BSAs upgrades for 1934. Particularly interesting is the release of the new 500cc V twin model. And then of course if an upgrade was required because the new girlfriend or wife has decided that 2 wheels are so yesterday then there is BSAs sporty looking 3 wheeler. Looks fun indeed and very interesting being front wheel drive.

We also have a parts book for the 1929 A29 174cc listed here.