1927 Coventry Eagle Sales Catalogue

When talking to most vintage enthusiasts their coveted dream machine would be the Brough Superior, but depending on who you talk to those in the know would much rather have a Conventry Eagle Flying “8” (myself included). Perhaps the bright blood red painted petrol tank might be the attraction but the overall sleek lines of the machine would be a major contributing factor.
Marketing was just as important in 1927 as it is now and Coventry Eagle seized upon this with their explanation of their flagship motorcycles. As they wrote –

Introducing “The Flying -8” range.
Few riders who have tried the Coventry Eagle “Fling 8” have failed to fall under the spell of the Big Twin. These monsters have charm all their own, which even light weight enthusiasts cannot but appreciate. They are so very docile and gentlemanly as they thread their way through traffic, ticking over so slowly that you may count the barely audible deep throbs of the exhaust, so very willing to respond to the gentlest touch of the throttle in the open country, and so thrillingly breathtaking to those hardy riders who dare approach a three figure speed.

There are 4 models covered in both Tourist and Sports models as well as 2 sidecar units. The C35 Deluxe 3hp and C45 Deluxe 3.5hp are Coventry’ side valve models, with the Flying 350 and Flying 500 models powered by J.A.P.s OHV motors. The V twin models range from Model C 120, 130, 150 and 160. Not cheap though with prices ranging from £110 to £155.
Included within the catalogue are Brookland successes for 1926/27.

Yes I would love to own one however I will have to be content with my Coventry Eagle Silent Superb 250cc. Still a great motorcycle though.

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It is a 3.6M PDF.

A 1925 advertisement from October 22nd edition of The Motor Cycle from Coventry Eagle for the “Flying-350” with the slogan – Build up to an ideal – A worthy member of the “Flying-8” family. Powered by the J.A.P twin port engine it certainly looks like the sports machine of the day.