1925 Harley Davidson Single Riders Handbook

Harley Davidson have always produced well detailed and illustrated riders manuals for their motorcycles and this handbook for Harley Davidsons single cylinder models, the A and B side valves, and the AA and BA Sporting OHV models covering both the magneto and coil ignition motors is no exception. Covering all aspects of ownership from starting the motorcycle, riding, to basic maintenance. Correct lubrication, valve adjustment, ignition timing to fault finding would aid the owner in keeping the motorcycle in perfect running condition for those jaunts into the countryside, or the daily trips to work.
Inscribed on the inside front cover is a past owner – E G Music, Elmer to his friends. I hope that he got good use out of this handy little manual.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 43 page manual.
The manual is a 12.4M PDF

Harley Davidsons 350 OHV single from 1928, a very smart machine indeed. Click here to see Harleys other offerings for 1928.