1936 British Motorcycle Agencies Booklet.

Titled Matters Motor-Cycling this interesting little booklet was published for British Motorcycle Agencies of 209 Manchester St, Christchurch in 1936 advertising what they had hoped was a service worthy for all those who had an interest in motorcycling.
An introduction to their purpose is as follows –

The objects of this booklet are to acquaint you fully with our special facilities for providing you with economical motoring whether for pleasure or business; to assist you in the choice of a Motor Cycle (New or Secondhand) to suit your personal requirements; and to give details of our own Specialised Service and Guarrantee.

With a lot on offer they were agents for the latest Rudge, Wolf Light-Weight, Zenith, OK Supreme, Velocette and Excelsior Light-Weight motorcycles. Prices have also been inked in next to the various models available.
The last page also has an interesting advertisement for the Rytecraft Scooter-Car. British built and great advertising but I wonder how practical it would have been in New Zealand, even with the flatness of Christchurch in the 1930s. Any hidden away out there in collectors sheds?
Not many dealers in the 1930s put out their own advertising in such a format, most relying more on advertising in whatever national motorcycle magazines were available for the time (and there were very little). Well done British Motorcycle Agencies. I wonder how long they were in business for?

Click on the cover below to see the complete 13 page booklet.
It is a 2.6M PDF.