1920 Lucas Magdyno Running Instructions.

A very early instruction booklet from about 1920 for the Lucas Magdyno. Basic in content (Lucas always liked to keep things simple) it covers the separate E3 Dynamo Lighting Set, as well as the Lucas Magdyno Lighting and Ignition Set.
Information on the switchbox (or more commonly know as the light switch) which was mounted to the flat side of the petrol tank, Lucas headlamp types R.40 and R.510 and instructions for setting the ignition timing on the V twin engines would have made this a very valuable booklet then, and more so now to todays owners.
A nice clean copy from New Zealand dealers of the time – Stokes Son & Company, Engineers, Dannevirke.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 23 page manual.
It is a 3.1M PDF.

And then of course there is the wiring diagram.