What’s Royal Ruby Doing for 1921?

Perhaps the most significant addition for Royal Ruby in 1921 was their introduction of the new single cylinder 2 3/4hp machine. Following on from the previous years introduction of the 3hp Single Cylinder Patent Spring Frame Model this more basic machine had a rigid frame that was perhaps aimed at the average family man. Interestingly the single cylinder models were using belt drive final drive when other manufacturers were moving to chain. And of course there is Royal Rubys 8hp Twin Combination with patent adjustable spring frame and sidecar wheel.

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Royal Ruby appeared to have a great sense of business forethought and were keen to show the world how supportive they were for those who bought one of their fine machines. This is a supplement advertisement from November 11th edition of The Motorcycle and Cycle Trader 1921, of which Royal Ruby have used to show their support throughout England when buyers were keen about purchasing a new machine.

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