Lucas 1925 Lamps and Motor-Cyclealities Catalogue.

A short 8 page catalogue from Lucas that has an interesting introduction of – €œLucas King of the Road Accessories are famed throughout the world for sound design, excellent workmanship and lasting finish. Designed for good, hard usage, they will give efficient and dependable service under heaviest everyday running conditions€. Hmmm €“ there are probably a few people out there who may not agree. It is complete with horns, both gas and electric projectors (that€™s the €˜then term€™ for headlight) and tail lights. It also includes a page of Hints and Tips on the Maintenance of Lucas Electrical equipment. Got to be something useful there.

It is quite small at just under 1M and is a PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click on the front page to go to the complete manual.