Albion Gearboxes – Part 2.

This second part deals with the parts books for 2 more Albion gearboxes. Both files are in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

First is the Midget gearbox from 1931. It includes the 2 speed BJ and CJ models, and the 3 speed EJ models. These gearboxes were used on the smaller 2 stroke motorcycles like James, Francis Barnett, Sun and Excelsior.

This one is 1M so click on the cover page to see the complete book.

And the second is the Albion HJ and HJR middle weight gearbox from the mid 1930s. The HJ is a 4 speed with either hand or foot change and was fitted to middle weight machines, Royal Enfield 250s in particular. The HJR is a 3 speed with reverse and was common fitment to motorised 3 wheel delivery carriers and the likes.  The book includes a section on lubrication, adjustments, and how to dismantle and reassemble it.

This file is 2.3M. Click on the cover page to see the complete book.

For information on the Albion C1, E1, F1 and H gearboxes click here. This will take you to the previous publication on Albion gearboxes including information on the Albion H model gear ratios.