1933 Francis-Barnett Operating Instructions and Spare Parts List.

This is a combined instruction manual and parts book for the 1933 Francis-Barnett 148cc Lapwing, 196cc Black Hawk, and 196cc Falcon.

The first section is the instruction manual with running instructions and basic care. It deals with both flywheel magneto and coil ignition models, with the coil ignition models being fitted with Miller lighting units, and briefly covers the automatic lubrication of the Falcon 31. This machine utilises crankcase suction to draw the oil from the oil tank via the sight feed regulator glass on the oil tank.

The second section is for the illustrated parts of the cycle equipment or more commonly known as the rolling frame. As Francis-Barnett was a small motorcycle manufacturer they utilised engines, gearboxes and electrical from other suppliers. In the 1930s you would have to purchase the required parts listings from those suppliers for their products ie Villiers parts list for the engine and carburettor etc.

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Albion Gearboxes €“ a 2M PDF

1935 Miller Instruction Manual for Electrical Equipment €“ a 5M PDF

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We do not have a Villiers engine parts list (including carburettor) for the 148 and 196cc engines but would like to be able to add one to complete this publication. If you have a good copy that you could loan us (or scan and email) you can contact us through the contacts page. Thanks.

Click here for a copy of ‘The Motorcycle’ November 1933 Earles Court Motorcycle Show report on the Francis-Barnett models for 1934.

A 1931 Advertisement for the Francis-Barnett Black Hawk and Falcon.