1925 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue.

Major changes for 1925 saw the old style square or flat petrol tank and loop frame gone and the new frame and teardrop style petrol tank introduced. Harley Davidson were proud of this upgrade and displayed it openly with the release of their 1925 sales catalogue. The new frame allowed a lower seat height without sacraficing ground clearance, the upgraded rear mudguard offered better protection and a bigger seat allowed the rider better comfort over the longer miles that were being travelled. Both generator and magneto models were available for the 1000 and 1200cc machines, which could be ridden as a solo or fitted with left or right hand passenger sidecars (depending on the country), or a parcel delivery box. For commercial use as a delivery vehicle Harley Davidson made the sidecar chassis heavier in design for the extra weight however they didn’t supply the box itself. It was left to the dealers or importers to build what they thought would be best for local use. And for those with a larger numbered family there was also a 2 passenger sidecar. A popular motorcycle in New Zealand throughout the 1920s and 30s they allowed riders to travel long distances in reasonable comfort. Such type machines also opened up the remote areas of the much untamed rural countryside (see Jack Kirner €“ Vintage Motorcyclist article).

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