Want a Francis Barnett in 1925?

Well for 1925 they only had 2 machines listed for export, a 147cc 2 speed belt drive model, and a 172cc 3 speed all chain drive machine. Sparce looking motorcycles manufactured true to their motto of €œBuilt Like a Bridge€ the triangular bolt together frame may have appeared odd but it proved very strong (as long as the bolts were kept tight) and was to serve Francis-Barnett well for many years.

Given the very basic nature of the motorcycle they were most likely abused (like most small capacity machines), overused and then left forgotten under a hedge. It would be interesting to know how many have actually survived.

Click on the logo below to see the 2 models.

It is a very small PDF at 274K but you will still need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Advertisement for Francis-Barnetts new 1926 350 4 stroke model.