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What? No Ar$ebook likes? No Twatter feed? or LunkedIn or Jammer stats? Well we here at Barnstormers aren't bothered about being web savvy (or really feel the need to be). Those in the know have already found us. Just pure Barnstormers. Clutter free ... Enjoy

The Barmy Boys Christmas Message 2010.

It has been quite a busy year for Barnstormers NZ, searching out manuals, parts books and sales catalogues to put up on the site, trying to work out what our readers would like next, finishing off long term articles as the information becomes available (The Spark Plug Conundrum springs to mind) whilst fitting in some riding and swap meets, and trying to make a living. Don’t we just love it!

Knobster has been a great help behind the scenes managing the site, keeping it updated and ensuring that the security is current to stop all those nosey parkers from trying

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NZCMRR Pukekohe Festival Feb 2011.

Where: Pukekohe Park Raceway

When: 4th, 5th & 6th February 2011

Round 1 is the start of the points round for the 2011 season for the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register traditionally being held at the Pukekohe Park Raceway. This venue could be regarded as the home by many for classic motorcycle racing in New Zealand for this is where it all started some 31 years ago and has been enjoyed by so many. The theme for this event will be the celebration of 100 years of Henderson motorcycles and will include a display of early american 4 cylinder

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The Spark Plug Conundrum.

As a younger person I didn’t really put much stock in the correct type of spark plug for my motorcycles. Correct thread size was of course important but this projected tip, non projected tip, appropriate heat range nonsense was not worthy of my time and any decision on what to use was based purely on cost €“ the cheaper the better, and free was excellent. Naturally I had a few disasters and as a slow learner the only thing I understood was that if I put a 3/4€ reach plug in place of the 1/2€ reach plug into my 70cc

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1936 Velocette Spare Parts List

At 38 pages with excellent parts illustrations this spare parts manual covers the MOV and the MAC models.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete manual.

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The Old Bags On The Back.

With time steadily marching on Mrs McS informed me the other day that €œnothing is like it used to be€. Not wanting to appear too interested in her problems and knowing full well that any response will ultimately result in a documented list of what I have done, may have done, or not done at all I just had to ask the question €œwhat is the problem dear€? €œWe don’t go anywhere together anymore€ was the reply. Well correct me if I am wrong but I clearly recall going to the shopping mart for the basic essentials with her last

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