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JAWA The Early Years.

We all want a JAWA. Or do we?

For most of us when girder fork motorcycles are talked of we think of English or American machines, and lets face it that’s all we really see at rallies. European motorcycle manufacturers were aplenty in the first 40 years of the last century however very few made it past the borders into the western world. Okay there is the odd Nimbus around and I have seen a couple of German Triumphs but when approached in conversation most can only think of MZ, Cossack, Ural and Jawa, mostly 1950s

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1932 Coventry Eagle Parts Book and Instruction Manual

A very practical book covering the Coventry Eagle pressed steel frame machines, The Silent Superb, Eclipse, and Wonder models from 1932 onward. The first section covers a well illustrated parts book including the 147 and 196cc Villiers engines, as well as the 2 and 3 speed Albion gearboxes. It doesn’t cover the Silent Superb models with the alloy primary chain case. This upgrade was on the later models. The second section is for basic maintenance requirements and includes carburettor information, as well as engine timing and electrical. Well worth the read if you own such a machine

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1926 The N.U.T Sales Catalogue

The N.U.T. motorcycle, from Newcastle upon Tyne would have to be one of the most unique motorcycles from the 1920s. Its sports like looks are enhanced by the unusual long sleek round petrol tank and nickle plated mounting straps. It is powered by NUTs own engine design and same as for a lot of English motorcycles of the 1920s utilizes a Sturmey Archer gearbox. Perhaps the interesting aspect of the motorcycle is that the engine can be completely dismantled, including removal of the crankshaft without complete removal from the frame, the main crankcase housing remains installed in the frame.

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1929 Rex Acme Sales Catalogue

I have always liked the design of the Rex Acme tank transfer, the 3 legged man, also known as a triskelion which was adopted as the national symbol of the I.O.M in 1932. Combined with some of the more colourful petrol tank paint schemes they certainly stood out amongst the more commonly used English colour schemes of black with gold or green with cream and/or gold. Rex Acme used Blackburne, JAP and Sturmey Archer engines in their motorcycles, this catalogue covers the Blackburne and JAP models and one model with the 247cc or 342c Villiers 2 stroke engines. Favourite

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Life is Still Great.

Easter has just gone past and most of us are still in lock down, hopefully with loved ones. We are allowed out for shopping as long as we exercise our social distancing skills, be patient in the long queues at the food outlets and do not go visiting or on sight seeing trips. Hard as it may seem, especially now that the novelty has worn off about having a government paid holiday at home we will have a better understanding of viruses and how deadly they can be. Not a time to be complacent. One thing that can be said

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