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1931 Indian News – November December

Some light reading for those of you who have finished, or want a break from your other motorcycling projects. Whereas Harley Davidson had their official owners magazine called The Enthusiast, Indians official trumpet was the Indian News. It was published every second month, this one being for November/December 1931, and is full of riveting news of the day including photographs of happy Indian riders, a road test of the new 1932 Indian 74, article on the 3 wheel Dispatch Tow (also known as a Servicar by some) and Indian riders in Japan. Especially important in this issue is the

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1934 AJS Sales Catalogue

1934 was regarded possibly as the worst years of the Great Depression with the worlds recovery hitting rock bottom, and to make things just a little more difficult Britain introduced the motor vehicle Driving Test. However, AJS motorcycles must have believed in the market improvement because they had a line up of 11 models and 3 sidecars for that year. This plain black and white pictured catalogue does not do AJS credit for their motorcycles but with the current economic climate cost cuts had to be made. They would have been relying on the attraction of the chrome petrol

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1922 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue.

As with the 1916 Harley Davidson sales catalogue this one was also supplied by motorcycle dealer T. H. Oates, advertising as Cycle Motor Manufacturer and Importer, of 125 Willis St, Wellington. Not much different from earlier brochures or even the 1924 edition however Harley Davidson did produce some beautifully laid out catalogues, no doubt to capture the eye of eager motorcyclists so this one is well worth having a look at. One of the inclusions is Harleys addition of the 600cc (35 cu. in.) opposed or flat twin Sports Model WF or WJ. Built as a solo machine, unlike

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1928 Norton Maintenance and Instruction Manual

A nice informative manual for the keen Norton owner who wants to keep his machine in top condition. Covering the side valve, overhead valve ES2 and the overhead cam CS1 models it is not the cleanest of publications but that will be balanced off against the information held within, especially pages 22 and 23. These pages are well fingered with greasy digits and page 23 must have been very important as it has somebodies penciled in notations for the ES2 which I have left in. Additional information on the various types of lubrication adjustment and carburettor adjustments should

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A Country Jaunt on a Sunday Afternoon, Maybe?

A nice period photograph of R. H. Appleby and Sons garage and service station in Kurow, with an interesting group of motorcyclists. Taken in the late 1930s, or most likely mid 1940s (there is one machine with telescopic forks) did the group of 16 riders and motorcycles start from Kurow or was Applebys just a stop off point. Not a high res photo so identification of machines is not easy however the motorcycle and sidecar on the far right is a pre 1925 Harley Davidson 1000 or 1200cc (easy one that, really!!)

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