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Matchless 1925 Sales Catalogue.

Unlike modern motorcycle manufacturers who produce up to 40 different models of machines and sales brochures each year, in 1925 the industry was still in its infancy and manufacturers were lucky to be able to produce even 4 models. Accordingly sales brochures were also small and if it were not for the additional advertisements of lighting accessories and sidecars displayed throughout, the pamphlets would have been even smaller. Motorcycling magazine publication€The Motorcycle€ took advantage of this and in 1925 produced The Overseas Annual and Buyers Guide Book which included complete specifications of all british motorcycles produced in

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Webb’s Motorcycle Auction.

Date: Wednesday 25th November 2009

Time: 6.00pm

Place: Deus Ex Machina, 86-90 Wellesley St, Auckland (Corner Wellesley and Hobson Streets.)

Quite surprisingly Webbs Auctioneers have announced yet another auction of rare and collectible motorcycles from private collections around New Zealand so soon after the last one being held just 8 months ago.

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Barnstormer #2 The Washer Woman.

Mrs Mary Watson of Seddon.

. . . . . Proudly posing next to her Alldays-Allon in 1924.

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Royal Enfield 1931 Models F and G 3.46hp Spare Parts

Its been a wee while between additions

Here’s the 1931 Models F and G spare parts manual


That Finishing Touch.

Some of the most hardest items to replace on ones motorcycle when restoring is the rubberware. You know the items – time hardened kneepads that we try to soften with rubber grease so that we can slip them over the metal backing plates without them cracking, or in some cases snapping in two, carburettor to air filter rubber connecting hoses that have hardened, shrunk and will not go over the inlet mouth, or the old original mileage worn footrest rubbers that look as if the family dog has had a great old gnaw on.

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