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Royal Enfield 3HP Model 140 Parts manual

Here’s the second part of the earlier catalogue.

3HP Model 140 Royal Enfield two speed replacement Parts manual. Its the 5th edition of this manual.

It includes Royal Enfields Patent Cush Drive and Patent Two-Speed and Free Engine Gear mechanism.

Its in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader

William Rhodes-Moorhouse VC

I was chatting to a bloke at work the other day and he dug out some interesting information about this ‘Barnstormer’. Further research on the good old internet brought back some interesting information. Ive tried to tie it together in an informative way from various sources. I hope you enjoy this little spot of history.

It is not generally known that the first man to be awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry whilst engaged on air operations was of Maori descent. His father, Edward Moorhouse, was English, his mother, Mary Ann Rhodes, was Maori.

Edward and Mary Ann left NZ

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Most motorcyclists who play with old clunkers are always looking for parts and the only way some of these can be located is from swapmeets. As we have had a few queries about finding out locations and dates of up and coming swapmeets we have produced a Swapmeet Page listing the events that we know about. It will be updated as required and is covering the next 6 months. Click here to go to the page.

If you know of any local swapmeets in your area drop us a line by using the contact page.

McSnotty has done a bang

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1935 Harley Davidson Riders Handbook 45 Twin

Wow, after all this time we finally got around to putting up some content about a Hoggly Doggly (I can call them this as I am the proud owner of one of these fine machines)

Barnstormers proudly give you , gentle readers, the 1935 Harley Davidson Riders Handbook for 45 Twins.

The PDF may look a bit weird towards the end as Ive kept the original page scale for pages 39 and 40 (download it and this will make sense)

The file size is a huge 6Mb. Unfortunately as the manuals we use get bigger so do the resulting files.

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Royal Enfield 1946 – 1948 RE 125 Parts Manual

Well its just outside the Pre 45 theme, but these wee pearlers didnt change much during the 40s

I personally think they’re awesome so well worth posting this Spares and Replacement Parts book for 1946-1948

Its in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader