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1920s Valve and Ignition Timing Charts.

Compared to modern day motorcycle manuals which are very complete with detailed photographs, descriptions and all the Health and Safety precautions that one trembles at, older vintage manuals are of the most basic type, but then so are the motorcycles. When it comes to working on them in modern times we sometimes struggle especially when it comes to accurate valve and ignition timing. Ignition timing can be worked out and adjusted as you go but what about valve timing? It is something that we really need to know to get the best out of these old engines. Well, in 1931

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1939 Rudge Sales Catalogue.

By 1939 Rudge motorcycles were struggling and in fact had never really recovered from the depression years. Always an attractive motorcycle their racing heritage from the 1920s to early 1930s was impressive and nowadays ownership of such a motorcycle is up there with Norton Internationals, KTT Velocettes and BSA Gold Stars. Strange really especially after talking to an elderly motorcyclist years ago who said that he could remember Rudge motorcycles being sold on the footpath outside Briscoes in Auckland, and nobody wanted them! Even Grandpa McSnotty owned one. Not that he cared for it much, I found the gearbox being

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1925 Douglas Sales Catalogue

A nice little 6 page sales catalogue from Williams Bros Ltd, of Elizabeth St Sydney. It covers the Models TS (£63.00), SW (£68.00), CW, OB, and the sleek little RA. The RA was Douglas’ racing model designated as the I.O.M Model and with 25 bhp it was a true racer with a lot of success. That doesn’t mean that the other models were without their own successes either. The small TS, SW, and CW models provided reliable transport for tens of thousands of riders with their earlier cousins providing unquestionable service during WW1. The OB was the model that Australians

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So What Happened to 2015?

We blinked and it was gone. And that wasn’t viewing it through a pint glass either. For those of you that are still visiting the site you would have seen bugger all. But never fear we are still here. As seen by the count the wheels are still turning albeit a little slower. Knobster is still playing Bob the Builder on his house however sometimes I think its more for Mrs Knobsters benefit cos she is amused by ‘the builders crack’ (if you know what I mean!). He is hoping to be riding something this summer. As for me, well

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The Mighty Mousetrap

When one mentions ‘mouse’ certain people scream, when mouse trap is mentioned the ‘greenies’ get aggitated and they mumble “only if it is humane”. But what about the infamous Mousetrap carburettor made by Binks? Well they are a bit like the Yeti, sometimes seen and seldom understood. However that is about to change as some clever folk in New Zealand are starting to remanufacture them. A supposed performance carburettor from the 1920s their design was unique but the principles were sound. The 1923~25 models were a 2 jet item, whereas the 1926~28 were the 3 jet item. I had the

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