1955 Excelsior Sales Catalogue.

Oops – how did this one sneak in here. Well, keen Barnstormer followers would know that Knobster and myself are avid supporters of the stinkwheel, early 2 stroke motorcycles, so have included this one just to show what all you staunch 4 strokers are missing. And as the 2 lightweight models have a sort of girder/springer front suspension then all is good.

If one was describing the beauty of Excelsior motorcycles then using wine tasters expressions from the world of viticulture you could say that their machines were quaint with a slight taste of cheekiness, having a blend of colour and style that just oozes speed, and an aroma that challenges all that is conventional. But to some it might be more of an acquired taste, a bit like blue vain cheese or tripe and onions!

Models included are the Consort F4, Super 98cc Model G2, the 150cc Courier, and the 197cc Roadmaster, with the flagship of their 1955 models being the Talisman Twin. Having owned one I was impressed with the nimbleness of the handling and smoothness of the engine, however not much could be said about the brakes.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete manual.
It is a 1.2M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

The wall chart for all their models can be found below and is 2.4M PDF

Price list for the 1955 models. Most likely in English pounds, however at that time there was very little difference between New Zealand and English currency so prices may be similar.

With only 2 stroke models now manufactured had Excelsior managed to retain their flair for design and individuality from their 1930s models. I think so, but you decide by clicking here to have a look at their 1929 Sales Catalogue.