1929 Royal Ruby Sales Catalogue

The Royal Ruby Cycle Co, of Bolton, Lancashire have produced some beautiful looking machines in the past, especially in the late 1910s, early 1920s. Petrol tanks painted out in bright red with gold pin stripping definitely made the motorcycles noticeable. Google Royal Ruby images to see what I mean.

This catalogue covers the 5 1929 machines powered by the Villiers engines and include the Sports Villiers 172cc Model A, the Sports Villiers 196cc Model B, the Super Sports Villiers 172cc Model C, the Sports Villiers 247cc Model D and the Sports Villiers 342cc Model E, as well as 2 lightweight sidecar models. Looking at the catalogue one can see the pride that was taken in assembling these motorcycles, sporty pie crust petrol tanks (something reserved more for motorcycles with a racing pedigree), polished alloy chain covers, leather faced toolboxes, and with electric lighting kits suggesting that this catalogue was destined for 1930, when compulsory fitment of electric lighting was to come in.

Sadly 1933 was the last year Royal Ruby was in business, most likely due to their ongoing financial woes, also aided by the 1930s depression.  

For a little more interesting history on Royal Ruby have a look here. Very educational.

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