1906 Sarolea Motors Catalogue

In 1906 Frank Grimley, of Grimley’s Sarolea Motors, Sydney, Australia was the sole Australian and New Zealand agent for all things Sarolea. This is the companies advertising flyer to all those who may have been contemplating the purchase of the new complicated mechanical motobicycle, whether as a complete machine or as a kitset, instead of perhaps buying another horse.
Not a great glossy catalogue but for something that is 116 years old it is in very good condition. It came from Wellington so one could assume that somebody was interested in the new technology that was sweeping the world.
There are 4 models, a 2 1/4 hp, 3 hp, 4hp, and a 5hp. (the 4 and 5hp are V twins). They could be supplied with either an acummulator and coil, or a Simms Bosch Magneto.

Click on the model below to see the complete 8 page catalogue.
It is a 1.7M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.