1931 Raleigh Sales Catalogue

I used to own a few bits of a early 1930s Raleigh, like I said – used to. The only piece that I have left is the beautiful bakelite steering damper knob, too nice to give away. But if I had a copy of the sales catalogue like this 1931 print then it may have spurred me on to do something with those parts.
So from a stylish steering damper knob to some very stylish motorcycles for 1931 Raleigh had 5 models listed, the 298cc Model MO side valve, the 348cc Model MT Two Port Sports OHV, the 348cc Model MG 31 Sports, the 496cc Model MA 31 side valve, and the 496cc Model MH 31 Two Port Sports. There were also 3 sidecar models available.
The effort of producing this quality brochure is reflected in each page which is lightly sillohetted with Raleighs Heron Head badge. A nice touch but not even that could save Raleighs motorcycle production which ceased in 1933.

To see the complete 16 page catalogue click on the front cover below.
It is a 4.5M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.