1928 Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Parts Catalogue.

A parts list for the Sturmey Archer Countershaft Gearbox covering the lightweight and heavyweight L.S. 3 speed type gearboxes. Sturmey Archer Gears from Nottingham, England, were a major supplier to the motorcycle industry for gearboxes in the 1920s, starting off much earlier providing geared rear wheel hubs.
There are well detailed sectional drawings for the chain-cum-belt, and the all chain drive used with the 300cc to 1000cc engine combinations. The lightweight gearbox is a 2 bolt top mount, the heavyweight is a 4 bolt top mount.
Clutches range from the single, 2 and 3 plate units, as well as the 2 and 3 plate shock absorber clutches, and the heavier 4 plate clutch for the 1000cc high efficiency engines of the Super Sport variety.
Also listed is the various selection of gearchange levers available.

Click on the advertisement from a 1919 edition of The Motor Cycle below to see the complete 20 page catalogue.
It is a 4.2M PDF.

Click here to see Barnstormers copy of the 1931 Sturmey Archer parts catalogue.
And of course if you have any enquiries you can always give the friendly staff at Sturmey Archer Gears a ring on Nottingham 75154 for a chat.