1935 Watsonian Sidecar Sales Catalogue

By 1935 Watsonian had been in business for 23 years and as can be see by this 30 page sales catalogue had a lot on offer. There is an interesting photo page showing the inner workings of the factory and some of the body styles being assembled. Models available were the Greet – a lightweight semi sports, the Albion – an all weather or open sports coupe, the Speed – a streamlined Super Sports sidecar designed for racing, the Schneider Sports – built along the lines of the famous Schneider planes, the Sports Launch model – which had its design akin to the popular launch boats of the 1930s, the Launch Tourer and Cabin Cruiser models with the pointed bow of all water cruisers, and the Monarch – a semi sports/tourer open sidecar with fold out canopy. The Airflow, Warwick, Stratford Saloon and De Luxe Coupe’ models would be great for the family man, probably most suitable for 600cc machines and upwards being bigger, no doubt heavier and more luxurious.

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It is a 6.5M PDF.

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