1926 Triumph Model P Spare Parts List

The infamous Triumph Model P was first introduced in 1925 to seriously compete against other manufacturers for what was a struggling market. Undercutting all others it was a success in sales however problems started to arise over quality and design issues and a rethink on improvements was required. Upgrades ensued and by late 1925 the MKII model was starting to restore confidence in Triumphs market. An attractive motorcycle still seen at rallies today.

1926 Advertisement for the Model P

One such issue with the Model P was public concerns (or complaints) over the exhaust noise (that sounds familiar even in this modern world). Whether it was as a result of the engine design or a low quality price cutting muffler who knows, however it caused enough mutterings within Triumph that in 1927 they ran a competition through The Motor Cycle magazine for an improved muffler design that would no doubt quieten this motorcycle down. And the prize €“ 100 pounds. Not bad for 1927, and a good effort by Triumph to show how serious they were on correcting this problem. Click here for the article in the 1927 edition of The Motor Cycle. (331K)

This 32 page spare parts list is for both 1925 and 1926 models and also has good illustrations of the electrical equipment €“ the Lucas MD magdyno and headlight.

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