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Barnstormers New Years 2019.

As we all know if something is going to break or give us grief it will be at Christmas, just when time is at a premium. Between the stringing of Christmas lights, tree decorating and playing Santa my PC decided to annoy me by doing lots of strange things. Whether it was the weather or perhaps it too wanted to be festive, it seemed to rejoice in deleting what I was writing, usually when I got up to fill my glass with some Christmas happiness. Some of you are probably thinking “Oh yes, silly old fool, probably had tooooo much

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Velocette GTP Parts Book.

Knobster and I both have a fascination with the English Stinkwheels, an enduring term for the early smokey, stinky 2 stroke motorcycles. Mine is the 225cc Royal Enfield whereas Knobster likes any underpowered light weight 2 stroke that allows him to hop off at the slightest of hills and exercise his legs by pushing. Not sure whether it is the under performing nature of the older 2 strokes or perhaps the ability to completely obliterate the following vehicles in a dense haze of 2 stroke smoke but we like to support the underdog. The Velocette GTP is one of those

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2018 NZ Motorcycle show

Things have moved on a little in the Knob household since last years show, as Knob Jr has decided he now likes motorcycles and backed this up by getting his MC license and a shiny Kawasaki Ninja (not Barnstormers old , I know, but please bear with the ramblings of an old man). So there is a new enthusiasm from his little lordship and what is his dear old Dad to do but fan those smoldering embers. As one wag said to me, if this becomes a passion, he’ll never be able to afford a drug habit.

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1939 BSA Sales Catalogue

With black clouds gathering on the horizon from Europe and the possibility of war with Germany it was quite surprising that for 1939 BSA was to offer up 16 different models and 5 sidecars. Perhaps they were in belief that the Hilter wasn’t a tyrant and that the politicians would have it all sorted by Christmas. History has proven otherwise.

Nevertheless motorcycling wasn’t standing still. Machines were still rolling off the production line for the public to buy and the British ISDE Team headed off to the unsettled Czech Republic to compete in that years event. Little did they realise

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Christchurch Swap Meet 2018

The annual Christchurch swap meet would now be the biggest swap meet in New Zealand. Organised every October by the Canterbury Branch of the NZ Vintage Car Club it is held at the clubs premises at McLeans Island, inland from the Christchurch city centre. Not really an island, it still seems to draw in buyers and sellers from all over New Zealand.

Like any report on any swap meet in any part of the world the story is, went there, bought stuff, and went home. But what about very thing that happens in the middle? The Christchurch swap meet is

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