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Christchurch Swap Meet 2018

The annual Christchurch swap meet would now be the biggest swap meet in New Zealand. Organised every October by the Canterbury Branch of the NZ Vintage Car Club it is held at the clubs premises at McLeans Island, inland from the Christchurch city centre. Not really an island, it still seems to draw in buyers and sellers from all over New Zealand.

Like any report on any swap meet in any part of the world the story is, went there, bought stuff, and went home. But what about very thing that happens in the middle? The Christchurch swap meet is

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Te News November 2018

As visitors to the site can see we have put up very little this year. We are still trying to think of some plausible reasons but nup, the only one that comes to mind is slackness. Knobsters excuse was going to be that he was too busy riding his new motorcycle (a late model metallic green Moto Guzzi apply named Shrek) but really he is hiding from Mrs Knobster because a little piece of paper arrived in the mail demanding some sort of payment for being really bad on our public highway. $120 bad. Oh dear Knobby!!

We seldom have

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