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Te News November 2018

As visitors to the site can see we have put up very little this year. We are still trying to think of some plausible reasons but nup, the only one that comes to mind is slackness. Knobsters excuse was going to be that he was too busy riding his new motorcycle (a late model metallic green Moto Guzzi apply named Shrek) but really he is hiding from Mrs Knobster because a little piece of paper arrived in the mail demanding some sort of payment for being really bad on our public highway. $120 bad. Oh dear Knobby!!

We seldom have

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Another Scott Wot!

I was at a bit of a loss on Sunday , as my weekend achievements so far had been totaled up and reached a big zero.

To get this off the mark, I rounded up Knob Jr and headed to the Auckland ‘Caffeine and Classics’ to eyeball other peoples elderly tat. This event is held on the last Sunday of every month at Smales Farm on Aucklands sunny North Shore. Except, that is, on the day I turned up. The Event had been moved so that a whole load of people could run up onto the Auckland harbour bridge and

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Its 1927 at Blandford Park, Auckland.

Jumping motorcycles, or leaping over ramps and objects has been passion of many motorcyclists for years, so how far back does this sport go?

Overseas magazines always had pictures of riders performing acts of daring do. Leaping motorcycles over ramps, through rings of fire, and on high wire, all this in the 1920s. Well they were not alone because our history has recorded such events.

Palmerston North had their version of the Ben Hur race of chariots in the 1930s. Instead of horses pulling the chariots Harley Davidson motorcycles were used (if anybody has any original photographs of this event

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1925 James Sales Catalogue

For 1925 The Famous James was advertised as the King of Motorcycles. Perhaps a play for extra attention from the public as Douglas was one of the few that had a Royal Warrant for their machines and there is nothing more in the James sales catalogue that states that they also shared this special recognition. To mention the name James most people will think of the James 2 stroke models from the 1950s. Great little motorcycles powered by the ever reliable Villiers 2 stroke engines. But back in the 1920s James were producing machines that were innovative and stylish, as

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1926 Norton Sales Catalogue.

This sales catalogue from 1926 is not complete and its front cover is missing but it had at least 18 pages, of which the 8 remaining pages are published here. The value held within these pages makes it worth while, and the models include the Big 4 6.33hp, the 16H 4.90 Sports, the Model 18 OHV, and 4 of Nortons sidecar models, with the Family and Semi Sorts Touring just 2 of them.

Click on the 4.90 Sports Norton below to see the remaining catalogue.

It is a 1M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

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