1928 Rex Acme Sales Catalogue

By 1928 Rex Acme had been notching up a successful list of achievements and this was proudly advertised on the cover of their 1928 sales catalogue. The Incomparable Rex Acme Stands The Supreme Test was the heading and with W.L. Handley riding for Rex Acme in 1927 successes included leading every lap in the 1927 Junior and Lightweight TT races, and who also was the only rider at the time to win 2 T.T. races in one year.
There were 14 machines on offer, with a variety of engines used from Blackburne, A.Z.A – J.A.P, MAG, J.A.P and Rex Acmes own, engine capacities ranged from 175cc to a 750cc side valve v twin, as well as 9 different sidecar types. Actual models are the knatty little Impey C/8 and D/8, the O/8, M/8, U/8, K/8, J/8, B/8, the Junior Deluxe, Junior TT, the G.S/8 and G.D/8, the E8 V twin, and the handsome TT Sports Models T.T. H/8 and T.T. /8
In the rear is also an application for finance should the purchaser wish to seek some financial assistance.

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In addition we have previously published a Care and Maintenance Manual for 1927 Rex Acme models.