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1913~14 Speedwell Sidecar Sales Catalogue.

A very early catalogue where Speedwell would much rather refer to their product as side carriages instead of the much shortened term sidecars. Chassis design was still in the early stages and stability on cornering could possibly be a bit unnerving. Initial design placed the sidecar axle pretty much in line with the motorcycles rear axle, increasing the chance of tipping and the rear wheel of the motorcycle to lift. Later design would place the sidecar wheel forward of the motorcycles wheel to lessen this happening. Speedwells coach built bodies came in 4 different styles including the Modele de

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1932 Raleigh 3 Wheel 5cwt Delivery Transport

Something a little bit different, a Raleigh 3 wheel 5cwt delivery unit. Not exactly a motorcycle, or motorcycle and sidecar, but it is powered by a 600cc side valve motorcycle engine, has a special Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearbox with reverse and does have a girder fork front end with handle bars, so does fit within the Barnstormer belief of being a motorcycle of sorts, perhaps a special vehicle for that really special person. Body styles on offer included a van, lorry, box carrier, dual purpose lorry, factory truck, or as a bare chassis with the owner building a

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1929 Royal Ruby Sales Catalogue

The Royal Ruby Cycle Co, of Bolton, Lancashire have produced some beautiful looking machines in the past, especially in the late 1910s, early 1920s. Petrol tanks painted out in bright red with gold pin stripping definitely made the motorcycles noticeable. Google Royal Ruby images to see what I mean.

This catalogue covers the 5 1929 machines powered by the Villiers engines and include the Sports Villiers 172cc Model A, the Sports Villiers 196cc Model B, the Super Sports Villiers 172cc Model C, the Sports Villiers 247cc Model D and the Sports Villiers 342cc Model E, as well as

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1928 Rex Acme Sales Catalogue

By 1928 Rex Acme had been notching up a successful list of achievements and this was proudly advertised on the cover of their 1928 sales catalogue. The Incomparable Rex Acme Stands The Supreme Test was the heading and with W.L. Handley riding for Rex Acme in 1927 successes included leading every lap in the 1927 Junior and Lightweight TT races, and who also was the only rider at the time to win 2 T.T. races in one year. There were 14 machines on offer, with a variety of engines used from Blackburne, A.Z.A – J.A.P, MAG, J.A.P and Rex

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1931 Panther Maintenance Notes.

Having indulged in the purchase of the remains of a 1929 600cc Panther (yes, another project, but Knobby made me do it) I dug into the library to see what information there was to aid in the assembly of it, and hopefully help with details on what might be missing. The only notes that I could find were from the 14 weekly publications of Newnes Motorcycle Repair and Up Keep from 1931, with a section on maintaining Panthers from 1924 to 1931. The Panther section contributor was E.F. Chidley.

It has quite a comprehensive guide through the Panther engine

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